UXO-The Minesweeper

UXO aims to achieve semi-autonomous humanitarian demining at minimal cost.The robot implements thermography for landmine detection and tree transplanter mechanism for demining. It avoids detonating the mines while traversing over them owing to its light weight and foam track that reduce pressure on the mine. The bot is made to navigate the selected area using remote control. The mine is detected by image processing using the fact that the thermal signature of the mine is different compared to the surrounding soil. Here, an IR led functions as the heat source instead of a mine. Once detected the mine is dug out by three spades (automated by linear actuators) forming a triangular prism inside the soil.

The robot can be improvised by using thermographic camera and improved actuators. This will extend the soil profiles and mine varieties compatible to this detection process. The design can also be put to effect in archeology to detect artifacts and in mining to detect metal deposits again based on thermal signatures.