Slither of hope

Over the past few years, the need for surveillance and security has greatly increased due to various threats. We plan to help improve the security and ease the burden on the soldiers with our snakebot. Our snakebot is a snake-like robot which can pass through small holes and cracks and can be used to reach areas inaccessible or dangerous to humans, concealing itself there. From there it can be used for surveillance. The robot can be used in all terrains on land. Also, the robot slithers its way and hence would be undetected from a distance.

India has been suffering from many natural and man-caused catastrophic disasters during the last decades, like massive earthquakes, fire breakouts, floods, etc. Owing to the frequency of such disasters our robot can be deployed to search for trapped survivors. The multi-jointed snakebot provides rescue workers with a video feed as it passes through the rubble.




Rishab Balasubramanian
Soumyarup Lahiri