Sound Source Localising All Terrain Hexapod

As a human, you are capable of walking, jumping, climbing and moving through a difficult terrain. But there will come a situation, when you, as a human, are helpless. You need assistance from someone or from something. And that is exactly what our bot is going to be capable of doing. It is going to traverse through the difficult terrain for you, it is going to get to the place which is unreachable for you, it acts as a portable eye for you.

Having six actuators and a three point contact, SLAT-HEX acts as your ideal all-terrain vehicle. It acts as a platform, capable of performing special operations which separates it from its competitors, and these features include ramp climbing, inverted operation (capable of functioning normally, even when toppled) and even step climbing. Thus our platform could be extended to perform these operations if fabricated according to the correct specifications.




Arvind Nataraj S
Baladhurgesh B P
Mohamed Naveed G
Nanda Kishore V
S Muhammad Suhail