Quadcop is fundamentally a quad copter that is equipped with an HD camera and GPS and controlled by a BeagleBone Black. The objective of our quadcop is to detect and recognize criminals in large crowds using image processing algorithms and then ask the user (police or person in surveillance room) for permission to follow that criminal autonomously.

The quadcop acts as a replacement to conventional stationary CCTV cameras as it gives us the exact position of a criminal using GPS when in pursuit.

This GPS information can be used by the police to plan and arrest the criminal, and until the police intervene, the quadcop is made to follow the criminal.

An extension of this project is Cloudrone, a quadcopter controlled by Raspberry Pi 3. The Raspberry Pi acts as a Wifi hotspot providing internet services to people on the ground during disaster times.




Adarsh Jagan
Prakash Baskaran
Sabhari Natarajan
Sriharish S