Mind Over Matter

Bio-signal detection and processing is a field whose myriad applications are as yet unexplored. We will develop an easily usable electrode frame and demonstrate two of its uses in particular.

Firstly, we will acquire and process the EOG signals associated with eye movements and use these to control a web interface where the user can select the required function by mere eye movements. The functions available will include controlling basic appliances, sending emergency mails, controlling a helper bot.etc. This is specifically intended to help patients with Locked In Syndrome(LIS) attain a degree of independence.

Secondly, we will judge the mental fatigue of a user based on the

  1. frequency and duration of eye blinks detected by EOG signalS
  2. power spectrum analysis of EEG signals

This is designed to help people in jobs that require long durations of concentration, like driving.




Aarthy Ramesh
Varsha Suresh