Assistive Rehabilitation Exoskeleton

Rehabilitation of patients recovering from post-stroke trauma, degenerated muscles due to old age or other neuro-muscular disorders are some of the unsolved challenges faced by medics all over the world. Most patients lose muscle strength which degrades their grasping and lifting capabilities causing severe hindrance to the person’s day-to-day activities. The need for additional care and support is needed round the clock. Utilising advancements in robotics we aim to aid in combating this difficulty by developing a wearable 3 DoF upper body exoskeleton for patients, empowering them to help themselves, so that they may lead a normal life, without the need for extensive assistance. We use EMG (Electromyograph) signals as the control mechanism for the exoskeleton, requiring the patient to only start contracting their muscles, the exoskeleton immediately begins to assist the user, getting faster response times, for a more natural experience. Integration of Machine Learning utilising Artificial Neural Networks aims to provide a more accurate and personalised response of the assistive system.



Anand Ashokan
Anirudh Swaminathan
Hari Prashanth P
Madhan S
Vigneshwar M