Robotics and Machine Intelligence (RMI) is a robotics and technical research club based in NIT Trichy.
Formed in 2005, this is a club with robotics enthusiasts from all departments of the college.
The prime focus of the club is on technical projects and competitions.


Let's Build

3D Printer

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of creating a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model. It is achieved using an additive process, where successive layers of material are laid down in different shapes.

Air Hockey

The Air hockey project is basically an autonomous air hockey platform involving a serial manipulator that can play air hockey with a human competitor.The autonomous air hockey platform involves design and fabrication of an air hockey table and a 2 link serial manipulator to control the mallet


ARES helps in the rehabilitation of patients recovering from post-stroke trauma, degenerated muscles due to old age or other neuro-muscular disorders which are are some of the unsolved challenges faced by medics.


ASCON aims to bridge the gap between people who are speech impaired and the people who don’t know sign language. The hand gestures, as defined in the American Sign language, are converted to speech output based on the input from the Inertial Measurement Unit and the flex sensors.


The project was started in the year 2017 with a long-term goal of developing a humanoid robot. The initial problem statement is to build a 10-DOF, stable, static walking bipedal robot capable of traversing plane surface and is tolerant to external disturbances.


The objective of project – ‘EXOS’ is to create a novel design of a hand exoskeleton which amplifies normal hand actions for rehabilitation of stroke patients, people recovering from fractures and for power grasp in military and industrial purpose.

Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter is project where we acquire and process the EOG signals associated with eye movements and use these to control a web interface where the user can select the required function by mere eye movements.

Project Pepper

A differential drive mobile robot that can perform SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) and avoid obstacles in a room. Equipped with the Microsoft Kinect and powered by ROS, Project Pepper tries to emulate what Willow Garage's Turtlebot does, in a fraction of the cost.


The objective of our quadcop is to detect and recognize criminals in large crowds using image processing algorithms and then ask the user (police or person in surveillance room) for permission to follow that criminal autonomously.


RoBoat is an autonomous, floating robot which can be sent into the areas where flooding is high to figure out exactly where people require help. The robot can send SOS messages by the smart usage of mesh network formed by a swarm of these similar robots.


SLAT-HEX acts as your ideal all-terrain vehicle. It acts as a platform, capable of performing special operations which separates it from its competitors, and these features include ramp climbing, inverted operation (capable of functioning normally, even when toppled) and even step climbing.


Snakebot is a snake-like robot which can pass through small holes and cracks and can be used to reach areas inaccessible or dangerous to humans.

Soccer Robots

The system comprises of a set of four omnidirectional mobile robots (two per team) which is endowed with the ability to play soccer. These robots can perform various functions including passing, shooting, dribbling and goalkeeping.


UXO aims to achieve semi-autonomous humanitarian demining at minimal cost.The robot implements thermography for landmine detection and tree transplanter mechanism for demining.


Come and be a part

GENESIS is the annual robotic hands-on WORKSHOP conducted exclusively for the freshmen students enthusiastic to seek the adventure of inducing life to machines.

Play God. Creation in its most dominating form. From help rovers to head razors, this is the jewel in the crown of Engineering.

RMI Week lets you to have a sneak peek into the world of robotics, learn about what goes into developing and building a robot, and to kindle a sense of interest and curiosity.


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